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Fair Wear and tair
Date: 10/4/17 Category: Landlord Advice, Tenancy Tips

What is Fair Wear and Tear? It’s a question that anyone involved with the property industry will hear on a near daily basis; however, for a question asked so much, there is very little in terms of a clear answer. This can be the case with something that is affected by opinion, however, there...

Banning letting agent fees paid by tenants
Date: 7/4/17 Category: Landlord Advice, Lettings News

What’s The Update? The banning letting agent fees paid by tenants, a consultation paper was released today (7th April) from the Government. What is it? Essentially, this consultation paper consists of; a current overview of the rental sector and how present procedures, practices and...

Changes to procedures and penalties for landlords
Date: 31/3/17 Category: Landlord Advice, Lettings News

It has been confirmed that the Government will be implementing new procedures and penalties that will apply to Landlords across England as of the 6th April These new developments include changes to the processes involved in fining or prosecuting Landlords for not complying with the rules and...

The most popular front door colours
Date: 23/3/17 Category: Home Tips & Tricks, Landlord Advice

Is the colour choice of your front door putting off potential tenants? According to research from Westbury Windows and Joinery, it might very well be doing just that... But what colours attract and which ones repel? Our guide below will provide some insights into what colours draw the right and...

The average cost of renting across the UK
Date: 20/3/17 Category: Uncategorised

A snapshot into the average cost of renting across the UK. Statistics Source:

Letting agents and interim property visits
Date: 13/3/17 Category: Inventory Services, Property Visits

Property Visits or Mid Term Inspections happen throughout the tenancy and check on the maintenance and general condition of the property. By visiting the properties frequently throughout the tenancy you can check that nothing untoward is happening and catch any issues that could become large...

Spring Clean It Like You Mean It
Date: 13/3/17 Category: Home Tips & Tricks

Spring is drawing itself upon us this month, although, looking out the window today to see a very familiar grey and dreary sky might make you think otherwise. For those of you eager to embrace the outdoors again, or even those still in hibernation mode from winter, Spring cleaning is the perfect...

Housing White paper
Date: 27/2/17 Category: Housing White Paper

Firstly you need to know what the Housing White Paper is about. The Housing White Paper is a government report that gives both fact/information and proposals for what should occur in the future regarding the housing and rental market. This includes buyers, developers both big and small,...

The Executive Service
Date: 27/2/17 Category: Check ins & Check Outs

Here at Hinch Property Management, we are always looking at ways to further assist our clients and we are extremely pleased to launch our new Executive Check Out Service. As a company we have built up a large area of expertise over the last 15 years in the inventory profession, however, we are...

Property Visits for Landlords

There are many areas within your rental property that require frequent checks and the list grows, the larger the property is. Property visits are midterm inspections to check on the maintenance and condition of the property, as well as ensuring nothing untoward is taking place. They occur every...

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