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Date: 21/6/17 Category: Inventory Services, Property Inventories

With dispute situations on the rise due to an increase of rent savvy tenants, the need for a solid body of evidence to support your claim is now more important than ever. In fact, it can even end up saving Landlords from losing £1000’s due to damages caused by tenants. One of the strongest...

Date: 30/5/17 Category: Inventory Services, Landlord Advice, Tenancy Tips

Typically, an inventory will be organised for a property by the Landlord or Letting Agent managing the property before the start of a new tenancy. This process will not involve the tenant(s) who will be moving into the property as it is very important that an Inventory Report is compiled while no...

Letting agents and interim property visits
Date: 13/3/17 Category: Inventory Services, Property Visits

Property Visits or Mid Term Inspections happen throughout the tenancy and check on the maintenance and general condition of the property. By visiting the properties frequently throughout the tenancy you can check that nothing untoward is happening and catch any issues that could become large...

Property Visits for Landlords

There are many areas within your rental property that require frequent checks and the list grows, the larger the property is. Property visits are midterm inspections to check on the maintenance and condition of the property, as well as ensuring nothing untoward is taking place. They occur every...

Property Visits
Date: 11/1/17 Category: Inventory Services, Property Visits

Both Check Ins/ Out and Inventories are common practice in today’s world, but Property Visits fall to the wayside. Our question is why? By completing a Check In and Inventory at the start of tenancy you are making sure that the property is habitable and in a good state of living for the new...

Inventory Clerk Required
Date: 24/11/16 Category: Inventory Services, Property Inventories

Let us take you through what a 'Property Inventory Report' entails In a nutshell: A property inventory is a fair and accurate description of any property at the time of inspection. It should cover all areas including the front and rear garden, garages, outhouses and sheds as well as all of...

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