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Lost Deposits

With up to £1000s being at stake in tenancy deposits, the Inventory, Check In and corresponding Check Out Report can prove the deciding key factor when adjudicators decide on which party receives the deposit; the Landlord or Tenant.

By listening to our clients; major Letting Agents in London and the South East, and multi-branch Agents; we know the beneficial aspects of a thorough Inventory, Check In and Check Out report are not always fully appreciated. Because of this, you expressed that it can be more challenging to highlight these highly important stages of the lettings process to a Landlord who might have a different perception on Inventory Reports.


They could have had a poor experience in the past, where an Inventory Report by an inexperienced clerk has let them down in a dispute situation. This might be due to something being missed in the report. Immediately, we know that we can offer this Landlord confidence that he will be having a report compiled by an Approved Inventory Professional. An experienced clerk trained to our high standards. Where our training is tailored to the adjudicators such as the TDS.

There are situations where a Landlord may have not even seen an Inventory Report first hand. Surprisingly, this can be quite a common one! We believe that the difference is in our report. By talking through an example report with a Landlord, it’s easy to see how our Reports lead the standard in Inventories.

Question MarkThe reasons Landlords are less inclined to use Inventories isn’t always clear. Which is why we have created a full guide on to explain why these reports are so important and exactly how they affect all parties involved.




We will provide guidance and clarity to you, and Landlords so they fully understand the key benefits that come from using our Inventory service. Written by our customer service and sales team, we provide informative information regarding:

Top reasons for deposit disputes

  • Key Points on Inventory & Check In
  • Key Points on Check Out
  • Who the report protects
  • What the adjudicators (TDS, DPS, MyDeposits) look for in a report
  • FALQ (Frequently Asked Landlord Questions)

Good IdeaTo receive further information about the above contact info@www.hinchpm.com. We are able to provide you with digital and hard copies of our guide for free. Alongside this guide, and with all our services from Hinch. We’re here alongside you with the whole process. If you would like a member of our experienced team to discuss with Landlords the importance of Inventory Reports, contact our Customer Service team to arrange a visit.

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